WATCH: Great display of grappling prevents pizza lover from getting manhandled

Jiu-jitsu is also known as the gentle art as it was thought of as the art of using leverage in order to defeat a stronger opponent. Of course the martial art had changed over time and somehow that strong message got a little lost in modern context.

After all this is what some of the most successful grapplers today look like.

Gordon Ryan, Gabi Garcia, Andre Galvao, Nicky Rodriguez
Gordon Ryan, Gabi Garcia, Andre Galvao, Nicky Rodriguez

But grappling can still help keep you safe if you were to get into an altercation and this next sequence demonstrates it.

Recently this following bit went viral depicting a kid and an older man having a confrontation in front of a pizzeria.

The confrontation starts with the two squaring up. Even though both get into it swinging soon they clinch up and the younger gentleman tries working his grappling to his advantage.

Despite that he quickly ends up in bottom position. He has his opponent’s arm trapped and is even trying a version of a short armbar to start with. But to no avail.

As his belongings scatter from his pocket, his opponent stands and attempts to pass his guard. Seeing this he regroups and opts to try for an armbar instead. However his technique leaves much to be desired and he quickly gives up that particular submission.

Here he absorbs a good amount of ground and pound from the top – sadly. Despite this he recovers and yet again tries playing guard. this type starting with open guard but quickly closing.

The two are urged to stop by onlookers. THey do not despite that. And the grappler tries to set up something yet again. He fails. While they appear to have a diminishing amount of energy grappler manages to execute a successful sweep but can’t maintain top position for long.

Once again the confrontation ends in closed guard with the grappler on the bottom demonstrating one of pit falls of real life jiu jitsu.

Despite having an overhook he cannot capitalize and is reduced to trying for a desperate upkick here and there as he eats big shots from the bottom.

When all is said and done the crowd finally intervenes and decides to separate the two.