Ruotolo: You’re out of the GOAT conversation, if you’re taking PEDs

BJJ is undergoing a transformation as of late with UFC’s streaming service and ONE FC trying to get their share of the competitive grappling market.

IBJJF World championships are losing prestige¬† despite the fact they’re the only competition willing to pay for PED testing. Nowadays, the most prestige you can get in BJJ comes by winning ADCC and even just by having a memorable performance there.

Rutolo brothers were arguably ONE FC’s best investment, and they’re not scared to play ball. Kade Ruotolo recently did an interview with The Schmo in which he explained how taking PEDs disqualifies competitors from the ‘Greatest of all time’ (GOA) conversation:

The Schmo went on to ask if you could you consider somebody the greatest full time if they’re taking PEDs?

Ruotolo replied:

“Personally, absolutely not. You know, I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of a hard thing to say, because it seems like the entire sport is, you know, what I mean? ”

“So, you know, there’s, there’s weird variables. But, you know, for me, that’s why I’ve looked up to you guys so much, you know, like the Diaz brothers.”

“And, you know, maybe guys, they’re technically not the greatest of all time, but to me, you know, they’re pretty much my favorites, the greatest to me, because they’re out there, you know, competing against these cheaters basically, you know, and making it happen.”

Ruotolo went on to list his top 5 Pound for Pound grapplers:

“Okay, top five. Number one probably doesn’t have to be my brother honestly just putting him at the number one seat I don’t think anyone is as technical as him. And as smart as him.”

“Number two. It’s so difficult to say.. from a result standpoint or a technique standpoint, you know, from a technique standpoint. I guess from a result standpoint probably have to… Gordon (Ryan), my professor (Andre Galvao), um, you know, past generation but Marcelo Garcia is a complete legend. And, you know, of course Roger is a legend too, so you can’t really take those guys and of course Buchecha”