About us

BJJDOC LLC was started in 2018 as a learning collaboration between friends. We started with a concept – how to make learning jiu-jitsu easier. The brunt of the content out there, requires you have physical prowess, willing friends and a whole lot more.

Our idea was to memorize the sequences and boil them down to essentials. In reality, thanks to learning and scouting movies and sequences we’ve become better at jiu-jitsu as a team.

Over the course of the last five years we’ve produced hundreds of stop motion videos and sequences that provide common moves and clever counters in BJJ, MMA and occasionally wrestling environments.

While there’s a lot that can be said about those who learn BJJ without live rolling, it’s a matter of fact that just by trying to teach yourself you’ll realize some core essential skills that will then translate in many scenarios.

BJJDOC curated feeds with clever sequences widening the gap between tech and glossy instagram moves that can’t really be useful against an equally skilled opponent.