ADCC prospect gets DQed from IBJJF Europeans over novice ankle lock mistake

ADCC 2022 had plenty of surprises. One of the biggest was the elimination of longtime favorite, Garry Tonon, in the first round. Tonon was eliminated by a rising Irish grappler Sam McNally.

McNally went on to lose in the quarter finals of ADCC.

McNally competed in the IBJJF European open over the weekend in the 70kg division. During a round one match against Keiro Oyanagi, McNally was eliminated over a novice mistake.


McNally had latched onto an ankle lock submission, however, Oyanagi turned inwards. Referee intervened and disqualified McNally who posted a protest on his social media:

“I got dq’d first round at the europeans this year on a footlock attempt.

I am upset but will keep improving for the next one.” – McNally wrote on social media.

He also shared a video of his DQ.


He ended up sharing footage of the infraction.

Turning inside is punishable via DQ when you have a submission on.

Sam appeared to anticipate the turn inwards and went faster than his opponent into belly down position making it as though he was the one initiating the turn inwards which is a disqualifiable offense.