ADCC silver medalist Nick Rodriguez: “90% of the athletes do gear and are nowhere”

Many claim that BJJ is one of the sports that’s most heavily affected by PED use. Due to the fact there is no striking, PED use is less of a taboo than in sports like boxing and even MMA.

Recently there was a post that made similar claims and it god discussed by ADCC silver medalist Nick Rodriguez on his podcast.

Rodriguez and co-hosts Damian Anderson and Ethan Crelinsten observed that there’s a growing population of grapplers who are mediocre in terms of technique and are hoping to get the competitive edge via their athleticism:

“Juice does so much for the body…” – Rodriguez started.

Co-host Ethan Crelinsten joked referencing UFC Invitational drama: “Almost as much as grease,”.

“Yeah. I just feel obligated. I just feel like a lot of the younger kids see the, you know, the pros competing. And and so much of these guys are on (PEDs).”

“And it’s like they’re not really preaching like health or longevity. They’re just like, all right, train a little bit of jits, have like, okay, technique and just be strong as f**k and hopefully that will get you somewhere.”

“And as you can see, 90% of the athletes do gear and are nowhere. They’re nobody, they, they have no success on the mats. They’re just strong in and out the gym. And it’s like you, if you’re going to do gear, whatever, but you really have to have that pinnacle of technique. ”

Anderson contributed:

“…so the sport’s already filled with juice heads, right? But the younger, the young kids go into into jujitsu, seeing that like all their favorite grapplers are on (PEDs)”

Crelinsten added: “They think that’s the approach, like, all right, I’m never going to beat them unless that’s exactly what I’m doing”

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– Editorial staff of BJJDOC