Chael Sonnen: Renzo Gracie said that BJJ can’t beat Khabib, that changes the game

Khabib Nurmagomedov recently announced he would be taking a step back from his coaching duties and will no longer travel to corner members of his team.

Nurmagomedov was one of the most dominant champions in the UFC. Statistically speaking, he had lost just 2 rounds over the course of his MMA career.

He is also largely deserving for the ongoing rivalry between Jiu-JItsu and Sambo having worn the t-shirt “If sambo was easy it would be called jiu-jitsu” during one of his early UFC appearances.

This rivalry was intensified when then Lightweight champion Charles Oliveira was booked to face Islam Makhachev and recently it received another chapter.

According to MMA legend turned pundit, Chael Sonnen, Renzo Gracie admitted that BJJ cannot beat Nurmagomedov:

“And Renzo said, and he was talking about Khabib and he said, Brazilian jiu jitsu cannot beat him. ”

Sonnen went on to detail why BJJ seems to be trailing behind Combat Sambo in MMA:

“By my eyes, it seems pretty clear they’re tough guys who understand the emphasis that grappling must show through wrestling. Jiu jitsu is a little looser. With that, they will favor submission over position.”

“The sport of mixed martial arts. You need position and if you can add submission more power to you. And that appears to be what seems to be is doing so well. First and foremost position which is wrestling. First and foremost and then you will look for a submission later. It seems pretty simple recipe, right? I agree with you.”

Sonnen believed that this would be best amplified with the result of Umar Nurmagomedov vs Raoni Barcelos however in a surprise move, Umar ended up knocking out the Brazilian in the first round and is currently looking for a quick turn around in March or April.

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– Editorial staff of BJJDOC