Joe Rogan discusses Gordon Ryan trolls: ‘He is a real psycho, he enjoys it’

Gordon Ryan broke out with an outstanding performance at EBI Absolute with a win over Yuri Simoes. Back then, Ryan looked drastically different and even had a different nickname.

In the period that followed, Ryan cemented himself as one of the most accomplished competitors on the BJJ scene as well as a loud mouth.

UFC color commentator and famous podcaster Joe Rogan talked about internet trolls recently on an episode featuring Paul Felder.

Rogan is a seasoned media professional, having worked in both MMA and in Hollywood for the last twenty years. He has a policy to not engage commenters and is fairly picky about his guests.

Trolling is becoming a permanent fixture in world of MMA with the fans often engaging with the family members of knocked out athletes. This prompts many of them to engage. Felder acknowledged falling into this trap himself.

But there seems to be one outlier – Gordon Ryan. The ADCC ace actually enjoys engaging with trolls on social media.

“I’ve had to take Joe Rogan’s lesson on not reading the comments. Because for the longest time I would get into this argument and you just can’t win because you have already lost the second you typed it and sent it. They [internet trolls] just won.” Felder said.

While Rogan fully agreed on Felder’s opinion, he admired Gordon Ryan who tirelessly argues with internet commenters.

“But then there is Gordon Ryan who loves to f**king go back and forth with people online. He has fun doing it, he is a legit psycho, he is a real psycho. Enjoys it. It’s like, you can’t hurt his feelings like that.” Rogan said.

Felder responded:

“You’re right. First of all, where’s the trash talk even coming from with a guy like that? ”

Going so far as to question how commenters are shading Ryan considering his achievements.

Rogan mockingly imitated: “Oh, you only won 50 in a row…”

“You’re the greatest of all time. Whatever.”

“You’re a beautiful, handsome, tall, good looking guy, built like a Greek god. F*** off.”

A break from trolling?

Ryan’s correspondence with trolls often gets him in trouble with social media networks so many including Hollywood star and friend, Jason Momoa, advised Ryan to stay away from it.

Following a stint following his advice, Ryan reengaged recently and has been duking it out on regular basis.

Joe Rogan opted to sponsor both Gordon Ryan and ADCC in 2022 and is one of the biggest voices promoting  BJJ to a mainstream audience today.