Dillon Danis admitted to living off of ‘one-off’ sponsorships months before NFT scandal

Dillon Danis was once a very promising brown belt under Marcelo Garcia. It would all go downhill for Danis after he agreed to help coach Conor McGregor for Nate Diaz rematch.

McGregor’s attitude would end up being infectious and Danis was soon embroiled in weekly conflicts with prominent members of both BJJ and MMA communities.

Danis joined Bellator and was eager to start his own MMA journey. To date, Danis has had just two bouts in the promotion – both against no name opponents.

In the fall out from his second bout, Danis told Helwani how his knee is hanging on by a tread and he had torn most of his ligaments.

What followed were two knee reconstructions. Danis had the misfortune of the first knee reconstruction being rejected by his body.

This kind of a procedure is hard to come back from. If we add on the pandemic and the celebrity conflicts Danis was increasingly getting into it was a recipe for a disaster.

Danis would soon start promoting crypto projects on his burgeoning social media.

While most BJJ and MMA fans would say they dislike Danis, he still has one of the biggest profiles in the community boasting of 342,000 followers on twitter and 1.3 million on instagram.

To put things into perspective, Mackenzie Dern has just 1 million on her instagram and substantially less on twitter. Even Gordon Ryan is trailing behind them, with 776,000 followers.

Dillon Danis went on the MMA Hour more than a month ago and told Helwani:

“You know what I make from, like, Instagram and Twitter? You have no idea. I probably made more because I don’t want to f***ing have the, you know, the IRS on my ass. During the pandemic, I mean, killer. Just (to) post”

Previously Danis posted about a number of crypto projects that ended up going nowhere.

But this didn’t stop him from condemning Logan Paul when it was confirmed that Paul had abandoned his own crypto project and may have cost his own community millions of dollars.

This prompted an internet investigator to look into Danis’ case and even try and get into his financials.

Sadly, Danis is smarter than he looks. He’s created a new wallet for his ‘new sponsorship’ and the going rate turned out to be roughly $5000 for the day.

When the news about Danis getting fooled into posting about a non existent NFT emerged the community was split. Many of the fans felt resentful that this internet investigator would give Danis $1000 just to prove a point.

This is where Gordon Ryan swooped in and explained something to the fans – a post like this has a real value when it’s coming from someone who stands behind his brand and has the respect of the community.

And he makes a valid post, thanks to his controversial online presence each of Danis’ tweets nets more than 1,000,000 views and many get 3,4 times as much.

Danis’ latest embarrassment only makes the case that the influencers of this scale are likely skirting taxes and putting in the bare minimal effort checking out the projects they promote.

With the scrutiny this viral video has gotten Danis, it’s hard not to see him going back to his combat sports roots and taking up Scott Coker on an offer to return to MMA.