(Video) Ukrainian judoka DQed for leg grabbing during Submission

Judo is one of the sports that’s not afraid of change. This is why the rules are constantly evolving in hopes of separating the sport from others and advancing the technique.

Ukrainian judoka Daria Bilodid is the latest victim of a  recent judo rule change. Previously while attempting bow and arrow chokes, Judokas were allowed to pull an opponent’s leg straight while finishing the choke. Straightening the leg during submissions has however been banned and now results in a reset and a penalty.

At the recent Paris Grand Slam, Bilodid caught her opponent in an omoplata, however she made the mistake of grabbing the opponent’s leg to finish the submission while on the ground.

Bilodid was promptly disqualified from the contest for accumulating her 3rd penalty.

As per the judo updated rules:
Gi or arm cannot go over uke’s face in any shimi waza.

Any manipulation or pressure on the spine is not allowed

You cannot stretch uke’s leg

This rule has been somewhat controversial due to the IJF’s assertion that such a leg straightening endangers the opponent’s knee by hyperextension. But even more confusing, is the rules are not being universally applied. At the same competition, another competitor was doing the same thing and eventually got the choke,winning the match.