Gordon Ryan taken aback by Craig Jones helping Felipe Pena prep for rematch

BJJ drama never disappoints. After a prolonged truce, it looks like the situation between New Wave and B-Team is heating up. The tensions culminated when Craig Jones was spotted in San Diego, where Felipe Pena is doing a camp for his WNO rematch against Ryan.

Ryan appeared to cast himself as Thanos and seemed unusually taken aback by Jones’ joining their camp.

“When I see Felipe (Pena), you know, training with Andre (Galvao), and then I see that little rat AJ (Agazarm) there. And then, you know, someone who I considered a very good friend and someone who I did a lot to help.”

“And Craig going out and making a point to be seen training with Felipe to help him. It’s definitely interesting. And I just think it’s funny, number one. And it’s it’s very motivating because I will compete against a lot of these guys. Again. And if there’s one thing about Gordon Ryan, it’s that I don’t forget. So it’s going to be an interesting year.”

Craig Jones did make an appearance in San Diego but he’s largely been absent from the camp – he is helping Alex Volkanovski prepare to face Islam Makhachev at UFC 284 in Australia.

Jones has been very cordial about the split and has refused to provide specifics sharing that it was more about personal issues that don’t directly pertain to him.

Ryan might be antsy considering Nick Rodriguez came very close to defeating him in a spur of the moment replacement match late in 2022.

Be that as it may, Felipe Pena appears to be at the very end of his BJJ tenure, and antsy to move into the next stage of his career.

Ryan is booked to face Pena on February 24th.