Islam Makhachev debunks Craig Jones’ claims: This is not jiu-jitsu, this is MMA pressure

Craig Jones and Islam Makhachev seem to be in agreement about one particularly important estimate – that Makhachev’s game is all about top pressure.

Just a day earlier Jones made some inflammatory statements on Sambo going so far as to claim Volkanovski could heelhook Makhachev and even said that Makhachev’s style is boring top game:

“He’s just good at holding people down like he submits people, but I don’t think he has good submissions, you know what I mean? ”

Makhachev was asked about Jones’ comments at the UFC 284 press conference in Perth, Australia and he went on to reiterate that while Jones might not be able to control Volkanovski on the ground, he still believes that he could.

“This is not same. He bring some guys from the jujitsu, but this is not same, you know, this is not just going to be jujitsu. This is going to be MMA pressure to the ground. He feel like Greg Jones (Craig Jones) cannot control him on the ground. But this is a different.”

Makhachev is no stranger to ADCC caliber of grapplers with Khabib Nurmagomedov bragging about Makhahechev submitting one a while back.

“Yeah, because I know like we grew up together like all our life, and I see how Islam go go with a lot of ADCC level guys even with ADCC champions – they tap.” – Khabib told media a while back as per calfkicker.

“They tap when when they grapple with Islam. I see 88 kilo 99 kilo 77 kilo – I don’t want to say name but they tap – ADCC world champion, you know,”

At the time there were speculations the man they were talking about was Yuri Simoes and even unearthed social media evidence that that was the case.