Joe Rogan claims UFC’s Paul Craig could be a world champion in BJJ

UFC recently crowned the new light heavyweight champion in Jamahal Hill. Hill is a striker that came from the Tuesday night contender series and snagged his chance to get the title once Jiri Procazhka vacated it due to a bad shoulder injury – and Ankalaev and Blachowicz competed to a suspicious draw.

Hill has an MMA record consisting of 12 wins 1 loss, 1 no contest – he’s 31 years old.

His one loss is a memorable one – he lost to Paul Craig at UFC 263 when he was stuck in a triangle armbar, had his arm dangling dislocated and was then TKOed with elbows and punches.

Jamahal was upfront about the loss blaming it on the wrong attitude he had going into the event.

“All I got to do is show up and I’ll win. That’s really how I felt. I feel like all I have to do is show up and I was going to win and I paid for that.” – he told Rogan.

“He didn’t pull me down. I went down with him willingly, you know, with him already having my arm locked and everything like that. Then I’m like watch this, and start working my legs. But that was the one way he had to win. Yeah. And I gave it to him.”

“And he’s so dangerous off his back, too. It’s such a different level off his back.”

“And that’s what that was what the lesson was for me to learn their take from that respect the game give everybody like the absolute best in the world at what they do well at everything.”

Rogan reiterated: “He’s a good guy to learn from, too, because his level on the ground is above and beyond most people”

Joe Rogan also remarked that Craig tapped another UFC contender with one second left.

UFC commentator and podcaster added: “He’s something special off his back. That guy is one of the best grapplers at 205lbs in the world. He’s so f***ing good. Like, I think Paul Craig could he. I think if he dedicated himself, he could be a world champion at legit like straight grappling.”

Hill reiterated:

“He grabs his, like, desperately. Like, it’s almost like complete desperate. Like, you gotta grab, like how you would grab a rope. We’ve got to fall off a cliff or some s***. That’s how he grabbed my arm. ”

This is an interesting claim considering Craig tried competing at Polaris recently – and it didn’t go so well.

Paul quickly got more than he bargained for with Jed Hue landing a quick corkscrew foot lock on him and getting the tap.

Craig recently lost to Johnny Walker and is currently ranked at number 10 on the official UFC light heavyweight rankings. Jamahal Hill is looking at making his first title defense against either Alex Pereira or Jiri Prochazka depending on how his recovery is going.