ADCC vet Vagner Rocha confesses he’s on TRT, addresses PED use in BJJ

Vagner Rocha is the world-renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Rocha is a highly respected martial artist with an impressive record of victories in both jiu-jitsu and MMA competitions. He has won multiple titles and championships, including the ADCC East Coast Trials.

He also spent some time competing in the UFC and even won one silver and two bronze ADCC medals.

While Rocha is known for his python choke, he’s also infamous for talking trash to his opponents and even crossing the line.

PED abuse in BJJ is rampant with testing almost nonexistent but majority of BJJ athletes are reluctant to admit to it.

In a recent posting, Rocha came clean about being on TRT:

” We all can clearly see who is on PEDs and who could possibly not be. I am about to turn 41 years old and I have been competing at the top of grappling for over a decade. I have no shame to say I am on TRT replacement for my body in accordance to a doctor.”

“I enjoy training hard and competing with the best level possible in the sport. I have also always been very clear with my son and daughter about my use of testosterone replacement. I have also explained why I use this for me and why they should not use this at their age. I see a lot of young athletes, talking about being clean or natty.”

Later he added:

“I recommend younger athletes to not use PEDs and I recommend all my friends above 35 to get blood work done to check your levels so they can live a healthier life. Also if you are younger than 35 and want to get informed about your levels find a well respected doctor in your area & do your homework./;

“Long story short is many athletes are on PEDs but how many own up to it and how many really need it? A lot of people have the misconception that if you take PEDs you automatically will become good in Jiu Jitsu. But there are a lot of people out there who take PEDs and aren’t world champions. PEDs don’t magically make you good at JiuJitsu, they only work if you do.”

Vagner Rocha competed in MMA from 2009 until 2017 and amassed an MMA record consisting of 14 wins and 4 losses. The reason we’re talking about MMA training again is that, unlike BJJ, MMA features striking meaning that you’re subjecting yourself to repeated head trauma. There’s scientific proof that head trauma in men may be associated with low testosterone levels and sexual dysfunction through mechanisms that likely include hypopituitarism secondary to ischemic injury and pituitary axonal tract damage.

Rodolfo Vieira, BJJ world champion who successfully transitioned into the UFC, went on to joke on the post saying:
“Now I know why I couldn’t defeat you, because of those f***ing PEDs. Not when I didn’t know better and I was sad ”