Gordon Ryan calls out Felipe Pena for repeatedly trying to change the rules for their rematch

Gordon Ryan has been preparing to face Felipe Pena one final time. Pena was one of the only men who were able to derail Ryan, as he was coming up in 2017. But while Ryan seemed to improve over time there are indications Pena is looking to transition to MMA instead.

The two are in the middle of preparations for their final clash.

Pena has been preparing at Atos BJJ in San Diego despite not being a part of their team and he’s been calling on heel hook specialists during. Last week there were talks of him training with Craig Jones, this week it seems ADCC bronze medalist Lachlan Giles is invited.

In an instagram comment Pena admitted he wanted the rules for their last match changed:

“what’s wrong with admitting on the internet that you want to fight without time? | suggested to you and to flograppling to change it to 30min or 45min and you didn’t want to. assume your attitudes, it will do you good”

Ryan replied:

“no, you forced me to sign a no time limit match the day of the last fight. | agreed. Then you tried to change the rules to 30 min (Bec every single time we try to fight you attempt to change the rules) and | agreed. You made me sign a rematch agreement for the Same terms. | agreed, you asked to change to 30 minutes, | agreed and said sure, just give me 50% of your purse. You declined”

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Ryan went on to provide receipts.

Ryan went on to say:

“They don’t like me because I expose their lies, their outright scumminess, and their straight-up unethical business practices.”

“Fact- When we fought in match 1, we were supposed to have a no time limit match. He agreed and signed a contract. Before the match, he requested to change it to 1 hour, I agreed, and then he asked again to change it to 30 minutes, and I disagreed. @mojassim80 ran this so he can confirm that’s the truth.”

“Fact- match 2 was adcc rules.
Fact, we tried making matches from 2017 adcc until 2022 and felipe would agree to matches and then always ask for more money or to change the rules even after everything was agreed upon”

“Fact- in the 3rd match, we had a no time limit match scheduled. The DAY of the match he told us he wanted to change the time limit to 30 minutes and only agreed to compete after accepting more money. Again, both @mojassim80 and @flograppling can confirm this.”

“Fact- felipe made me sign a rematch agreement to the same terms as the 3rd match the day of the 3rd match. He requested no time limit submission only. Again, @mojassim80 and @flograppling can confirm this.”

“Fact- felipe tried changing the rules of this match to 30 minutes, as i just posted. This guy is a scumbag unethical liar that preaches from some moral high ground like he’s above everyone else, yet everyone who does business with him says he’s the worst guy ever to work with. ”

“Ask people about me. Ask adcc, ask fanatics, ask fight pass, ask my sponsors. I’ll put my hands on fire that they say I’m the easiest one of all to work with. I’m unpolished and blunt, but one thing I’m not is a f***ng liar.”