Gordon Ryan goes on a tirade after rival accuses him of PED abuse again

Nick Rodriguez came very close to defeating Gordon Ryan during UFC’s Invitational. Ryan revealed his ankle was broken during afterwards and there was even some talk of Rodriguez ‘greasing’ and Ryan abusing PEDs.

The two once shared the mats and were a part of the same team. Once the team split in two fractions, one featuring Gordon and coach John Danaher and the other featuring Volkanovski’s BJJ coach Craig Jones, Ryan’s younger brother Nicky and Nick Rodriguez there was a truce put in place to avoid a public relations nightmare.

While Ryan has always been outspoken about his opponents, he declines to comment on detractors from the team in order to keep the team cohesive. This kind of arrangement worked once before, when Eddie Wolverine Cummings split from the team.

And while Cummings found employment elsewhere and withdrew from the community, Nicky Rod is coming into his own.

Rodriguez recently went on Mark Bell’s Power Project podcast where he accused his former teammate of using PEDs.

The host asked him about what makes Ryan great. Rodriguez was quick to accuse the 2022 ADCC champion of being on the ‘good stuff’. He said that Ryan’s immense weight gain is proof of this.

“His biggest thing is ster**ds. You can’t gain 50 pounds of muscle and be like ‘Oh it’s irrelevant’, no. It’s super fu**in relevant. You wouldn’t be half the person you were if you didn’t do that.”

“No disrespect. But you have someone that preaches ‘technique is king’. Why are you trying to be so strong? I honestly wouldn’t even have said that if he didn’t.”

Rodriguez went on to deny greasing accusations:

“Oh, this guy is fu**in greasing’ which I didn’t. First of all, no. I never cheated…. on top of that, I’m a natural athlete, going against an enhanced athlete, and you still need excuses. I definitely wouldn’t have called him out on that, but it just irked me a bit.”

Rodriguez mocked Ryan for making excuses and said that he should just accept that he had a tough time with him.

“I broke your foot, just fu**in live with it.”

Naturally, this ticked off Ryan who went wild on his platform of choice – instagram:

Ryan accused Rodriguez of stealing his bodylock system and then selling it as a DVD and cast a doubts about his professional ‘record’.

“Since his breakout in DCC 2019, he has a record of 11 wins, 10 losses, 2 draws,”

“Everybody thinks this re**rd is good at jiu jitsu because he was once associated to my brand and he posts cool vids of him snapping down blue belts heads into the floor from a security camera,”

Ryan also accused Rodriguez of using PEDs by uploading a before and after pic of him. He also wrote the following:

“He has over 2x as many losses In a 3 year span than I have in my ENTIRE BLACK BELT CAREER. the only way he has moderate success is because he’s sauced out of his mind and greased in most things he does. Put him in long sleeves and spats and see how well he does”

He mocked Rodriguez’s wrestling abilities. He said that he was outwrestled by El Monstro and Yuri Simões.

“Oh, he’s supposed to be a great wrestler right? He wrestled division 3 and got out wrestled by El monstro who was like 30 lbs lighter, and yuri (a bij guy) at adcc. So literally his ENTIRE brand is one big lie”

Finally, Ryan said that he just exposed Rodriguez as a fraud and destroyed his whole image with his stories.

“Now that I’ve exposed your pathetic fu**ing brand in the last 15 minutes. Feel free to start calling yourself nicky fraud”