ADCC Silver medalist slams Gi jiu-jitsu, calls it ‘uncomfortable and dirty’

ADCC Silver medalist Nick Rodriguez ruffled many feathers earlier this week when he inadvertently declared war on Gordon Ryan with the many PED accusations he hurled during an appearance on a podcast.

And while many are getting their popcorn ready and watching Ryan go ballistic online, the actual episode provides a lot of interesting commentary surrounding Nick Rodriguez journey to ADCC silver medal in under five years of training.

While Rodriguez’ natty status was challenged by Ryan, it’s certain that he’s one of the more athletic men competing in BJJ today.

“There’s a couple of things I have against Gi. First of all, it’s uncomfortable. You have to wear like this karate suit. It’s like, if you got it, if you get in a street fight, you’re going to be like, ‘Hey, let me put my, karate on’.

“Whenever I trained in the gi, my face would get destroyed because I’m a very pressure intensive grappler, so I’d have like rug burn all over my face and stuff cause I use my head when I grapple.”

it would definitely slow me down because people are holding on to me. But in in addition to that, whenever I’m passing or I’m taking somebody down, my face is rubbing against this cloth. So it’s like it’s super uncomfortable for me. In addition, I think it’s dirty. ”

Rodriguez went on to rationalize his stance saying:

“Gross because you’re rolling around in sweat. All right, if you wear the gi, you become the sweat. The sweat just gets absorbing and walking around holding the sweat,”

“And it’s everybody else’s sweat as well.”