Craig Jones talks embarrassing challenger who thought no woman could ever submit him – and ended up losing in 12 seconds

Craig Jones is a perpetual silver medalist across many different competitions and divisions but he’s probably the funniest guy on the BJJ scene. Jones has been using his humor to market himself for ages and has kicked it off into second gear after B Team split from New wave.

He recently went on Club Good Podcast and previewed some content that he’s considering releasing in future.

Apparently B team had an 18 year old who was very secure in his masculinity and even went so far as to claim that no woman could ever defeat him.

“We had a 18 year old guy in the gym and he goes, no woman on earth could ever beat me in a grappling match.”

“So we made him fight a woman in front of the whole class and she broke his leg in 12 seconds.”

“12 seconds and he was crying. And I was like, that’s a f***ing great video.”

Jones previously detailed that sparring was a great way to resolve conflicts in the gym:

“I’ve been doing that. And that’s actually this video might be released. I don’t want to name names, which this, this is what’s coming. I don’t even spoil the surprise, but I will.”

Previously the BJJ community was split when another team had an all out vale tudo type event in the gym to resolve a dispute.

There’s a sense of power and dominance that comes with it, especially when facing off against someone who is weaker or less skilled. However, there is a flaw in relying solely on superior grappling skills as a means of asserting dominance.

What happens when the person causing all the problems is much bigger or a much more experienced grappler? They may be able to easily defeat anyone who challenges them, effectively making them immune to any consequences for their actions. This can lead to them continuing to act like a “knobhead” without any repercussions. And fostering a toxic environment in the gym.

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– Editorial staff of BJJDOC