Felipe Pena defeats Nick Rodriguez by decision after greasing allegations

It was an intense and highly competitive match between Nicky Rod and Felipe Pena, two of the most talented grapplers in the game. The match went back and forth, with both athletes showcasing their unique set of skills and strategies. In the end, Pena emerged victorious through a decision.

At the start of the match, Nicky Rod was aggressive, sitting and trying to wrestle up while Pena backed away. Nicky stood up, and Pena sat, working his half butterfly guard while Nicky tried to get into a bodylock pass. Nicky then stood and tried to walk around to the north-south, but Pena followed him. So, Nicky dropped down and tried pressuring Pena. Nicky then tried to dive into a bodylock pass, but Pena’s good defense framed him away.

Pena then tried to invert under from a knee shield but couldn’t get it. Nicky tried a smash pass, but Pena scooted away. Nicky then tried a leg pin pass and almost got it, but Pena defended it, and they reset. Pena complained about greasing, and the referee wiped them down. After that, they got back to the action, and Pena got under Nicky and almost endangered his leg, but it slipped out, and Nicky reset.

Nicky Rod was persistent and went back to the bodylock pass, which the judges favored. Although Pena managed to get out of the bodylock, Nicky kept going back to it. Nicky passed for a second, but Pena recovered his guard. Nicky then tried to pass from long distance, moved down, and went for another bodylock. He almost got it, but then Pena tried an omoplata attempt. Nicky Rod scrambled and escaped back to the top position. Nicky then tried to work the bodylock again, but Pena pushed him off.

hit him with a double leg, but Nicky defended it, and Pena sat back down. Pena went for a guillotine and almost got it, but Nicky got out. They stopped the action again because of Pena’s contact lenses. Pena then inverted and took the top position while Nicky Rod went for an ankle lock. Pena started chasing the back, and Nicky Rod scrambled like crazy, but he eventually got out and back to the top position.

Pena then tried to come up to the back, but Nicky shut that down, and he was back on top. Pena went for a guillotine, but Nicky slipped out and almost passed with the bodylock. Pena tried to pull his arm out for the inverted armbar, but it slipped out.

Ultimately, the judges gave Pena the win and opened up a path for him to rematch Gordon Ryan at a later edition of the event.