Why is Wrestling Better Than BJJ?

For those who are looking to become a better mixed martial artists, wrestling may be the answer. With its unique combination of stand-up techniques and athlete instincts, wrestling has some advantages over Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).

The Wrestler’s Edge

Unlike BJJ, which is primarily focused on ground techniques, wrestling gives martial artists the ability to control their opponents from a standing position. Wrestlers are also able to take down their opponents quickly and easily with their superior athleticism.

BJJ considers the bottom position a dominant one, which is contrary to commonly accepted criteria for judging in MMA.

The wrestler’s advantage is further enhanced by their instinctive understanding of body positioning and leverage. This allows them to manipulate their opponents’ balance and control their movements.

The Wrestler’s Mindset

Wrestling is also an excellent way to develop mental toughness. Wrestlers must be able to stay focused and remain composed under pressure. They must also be able to quickly adjust their strategies in order to take advantage of their opponents’ weaknesses.

The wrestler’s mindset is also essential for success in the ring. Wrestlers must be able to stay one step ahead of their opponents and anticipate their next move. This requires a high level of mental discipline and concentration.

The discrepancy in match length between BJJ and wrestling is huge – making wrestling matches action packed at the expense of their safety.


Wrestling is an excellent way to become a better martial artist. Its combination of stand-up techniques and athlete instincts give wrestlers an edge over BJJ specialists. Furthermore, wrestling also helps to develop a mental toughness and strategic thinking.

If you’re looking to become a better martial artist, consider giving wrestling a try.