UFC’s Jon Jones weighs in on BJJ feud between Gordon Ryan and Nick Rodriguez

Gordon Ryan and Nick Rodriguez have had a widely publicized feud ever since Rodriguez came very close to defeating Ryan at UFC invitational 3.

Ryan has been dominant in BJJ for a number of years with a handful of competitors being able to provide any kind of resistance. Rodriguez initially started training at his camp but later went and founded the B team with Gordon Ryan’s brother, Craig Jones and several other detractors.

The brunt of the feud focuses on the debate between PED use and greasing and deciding which is worse.

Ryan is ready to die on the hill that PED use is legal because 99% of BJJ competitions have no testing. Meanwhile Rodriguez is accused of greasing, and Ryan even claims he’s seen Rodriguez with a lotion prior to competing while they were on the same team.

This rivalry came as a surprise considering how long the two camps remained silent on the split which is rumored to center on interpersonal dynamics between Gordon Ryan and his brother Nicky Ryan.

One of UFC’s biggest stars has been keeping an eye out and watching the exchanges escalate online. Jones commented on the feud, as reported by BJJ World:

“Man | really respect both you and Nicky for the martial artist that you are, at the same time | have to admit this beef is really entertaining. 1] | think you guys are bringing a lot of attention to #BJJ i’m sure the negative energy can be draining at times, but as a fan it’s really awesome to witness. Maybe one day you guys will make up”