WATCH: Crossfit & weight lifting world champion rolls with UFC’s Amanda Nunes

Mat Fraser achieved great success in the world of CrossFit and weightlifting. Fraser’s athletic journey began when he was a wrestler in high school, but a back injury forced him to give up the sport. He then took up weightlifting and eventually transitioned into CrossFit.

Fraser quickly rose to the top of the CrossFit world, winning his first championship in 2016 and going on to win four more titles in the years that followed.

In addition to his CrossFit success, Fraser is also a weightlifting national champion, having won the USA Weightlifting National Championship in 2018. Fraser retired from competitive CrossFit in early February 2021 but kept on training.

He has a lifetime personal record of deadlifting 540 Pounds (244.9 Kilograms). But none of that prepared him for a jiu-jitsu session against UFC champion Amanda Nunes.

The two started from the knees, likely to minimize the risk of injury for Nunes who is getting ready to get back in the cage. It’s been discussed that she’ll have to defend the bantamweight title against Julianna Pena again but nothing has been announced.

Fraser isn’t taking it easy either, early into the round he goes to wrestle up, Nunes defends using her hooks but the counter is short lived as it allows for Fraser to muscle her down.

He’s not quick to control the action and she rolls back into turtle. She’s quick to go for a double leg attempt from the ground which he tries to counter with a guillotine attempt.

She ultimately gets him down and ends up on top of his open guard.

Fraser is utilizing overhooks to eliminate the space between them and give Nunes no space to work on her offense.

He attempts to sweep but seems to be lacking the finer details to execute the sweep even with the weight discrepancy. On top of that he seems to be measured in his approach and not spazzing out.

He opts to transition to closed guard and tries to break Nunes’ posture. He’s getting coached during the roll.

Nunes transitions to half guard and then into mount despite valiant defense attempts from Fraser.

Her triumph is short lived since she gets swept from mount and briefly trapped in half guard. She recovers going for an armbar and Fraser ends up tapping after a while of feeble attempts to defend.