UFC Las Vegas Highlights: Nam bites at his glove after submission causes him to go out

UFC Las Vegas preliminary card featured a thrilling matchup between Bruno “Bulldog” Silva and Tyson Nam. Silva, who had won two consecutive bouts, faced Nam, who was coming off a victory against Ode Osbourne. It was an exciting event from the start, with Silva looking to build on his recent success and Nam hoping to continue his own winning streak.

Silva started off strong, landing his left hand early in the round, splitting Nam’s guard. He followed up with a spinning back fist that connected, but Nam shrugged it off and continued to press forward. Nam was warned for extending his fingers towards his opponent, but that didn’t stop him from walking down Silva. Both exchanged leg kicks with half the round still remaining.

Nam managed to slip a right hand from Silva and responded with a short combination of his own. Silva then attempted a takedown but abandoned it shortly after. Nam landed a solid right hand and pinned Silva against the fence, attacking him from different angles.

Round Two:

Silva wasted no time in round two, delivering a perfect front kick to Nam’s jaw, sending him to the canvas. Silva quickly followed up with ground-and-pound strikes, moving into Nam’s guard. As Nam scrambled to his feet, Silva secured a RNC, still standing. They fell to the mat, and Nam went limp, giving Silva the victory.

The technical submission came at 1:23 in the second round, giving Bruno Silva the win over Tyson Nam.