WATCH: MMA bout ends with a unique kneebar finishing strategy

Ramzan Suleymanov recently made waves in the MMA world with his unique submission during a bantamweight bout against Dait Abdulaev at ACA Young Eagle 34. This is a major event hosted by Russia-based MMA promotion Absolute Championship Akhmat.

Suleymanov’s submission was a unique kneebar that included clasping his hands behind his back.


ACA Young Eagle 34 was held on March 14 in Chechnya. It featured a total of 27 bouts, most of which showcased up-and-coming MMA prospects. Suleymanov was one of these prospects, and he faced Abdulaev in a preliminary bantamweight bout. The two engaged in a fierce battle, mostly on the ground, with Suleymanov taking the upper hand.

The peak of the bout came in the middle of the second round when Suleymanov pinned Abdulaev down and attempted a kneebar. However, Suleymanov’s approach to the technique was quite unusual.

Instead of bending Abdulaev’s leg from the front, he crossed his legs with Abdulaev’s and attempted to bend his opponent’s leg towards his back while trying to connect his hands on his back. This unique approach worked, as Abdulaev quickly tapped out and was really bothered by the submission.

Knee bars are a rare sight in MMA due to their complexity and the risk they pose to the person on the attack. However, Suleymanov’s execution of the kneebar on Abdulaev was flawless and effective.

With this victory, Suleymanov remains undefeated with a total of six matches, all of which he won via submissions. He is a phenom when it comes to grappling, and his unique approach to submissions sets him apart from other prospects. Suleymanov only started his professional MMA career in 2021 within the ACA  promotion, but he has already made a name for himself in the MMA world.