WATCH: Mokaev disputes Brazilian tap evidence after surviving that Kneebar

With the best amateur MMA record ever, Mokaev has been a force to be reckoned with since he started his UFC career. In his recent outing against debutante Jafel Filho at UFC 286 in London, England, Mokaev might’ve compromised his entire career when he was reluctant to tap to a kneebar.

Presumably due to his age, 22, the promotion has been giving Mokaev a slower start than they might otherwise. Facing a debuting  as a ranked martial artist might raise some eyebrows. However, Mokaev had dislocating his shoulder around New Years eve and there was indication he was going to have a longer lay off after.

Mokaev showed no signs of wanting to shoot fora takedown early on and just let Filho pressure and strike for a while. After just over a minute, Mokaev finally shot for a takedown, but Filho went for a guillotine in response. It stifled Mokaev for a bit, but he was eventually able to escape and get Filho’s back with one hook in.

It was there that a peculiar scene took place. Filho appears to put pressure on Mokaev’s injured shoulder and he appears to tap from the audience angle. This was unbeknownst to the referee who was obscured to the action.


The third round saw Mokaev show much more insistence on getting the takedown. Within thirty seconds, he had gotten the back of Filho and almost got a rear-naked choke, but Filho defended. However, as Mokaev tried to get a second hook in, Filho grabbed one of his legs and inverted on a kneebar.

Mokaev grimaced in pain, likely having torn ligaments as his knee bent the wrong way. It took over a full minute, but Mokaev was finally able to escape and get on top of a now-exhausted Jafel.

During the  press conference, Muhammad Mokaev shed some light on the kneebar submission attempt. He revealed that he had heard multiple cracks in his knee and was willing to suffer a knee-break to secure the win. Despite the submission attempt, he did not tap out and went on to win.

Mokaev’s comments revealed his tenacity and unyielding spirit, as he refused to give in even when faced with a potentially career-ending injury. He expressed his confidence in his ability to withstand the submission attempt, saying “I’m flexible. There were like three-four cracks. And [Rafel Filho] thought I was gonna tap, so he relaxed a little bit.”

Mokaev also revealed he had gone into an event with grade 4 AC tear.

A grade 4 AC separation of a shoulder is a severe injury to the acromioclavicular (AC) joint, which is located where the clavicle (collarbone) meets the scapula (shoulder blade). This injury occurs when the ligaments that hold these bones together tear or rupture. In a grade 4 AC separation, the clavicle is displaced significantly from the scapula, and there is a visible bump or deformity at the site of the injury.

This can cause severe pain, limited mobility, and weakness in the affected arm. Treatment for a grade 4 AC separation typically involves surgery and a period of rehabilitation to restore strength and range of motion.

 ” I came here with AC Type 4 injury. I didn’t say this. What type it was. I know it’s dislocation but show me anyone who else can even move the arm after AC joint injury “