Anderson Silva protests after Lawyer tries to use him in Leandro Lo case to show support for killer

The events that transpired on Tuesday  have caused quite a stir in the world of sports.

The Leandro Lo Case has been making headlines once again.

Police officer will receive a salary again

The court’s decision to grant an injunction for PM Henrique Velozo caused an uproar among the BJJ community. The accused killer of Leandro Lo, will receive his salary again. In addition to this, he’ll be also getting the retroactive payment from the suspension due to this bribery by the government of São Paulo.

This has been further exacerbated by lawyer Dr. Claudio Dalledone’s publication of a video featuring Anderson Silva that appears to support the cause of the military police officer.

Velozo is on trial for instigating a tragedy that took place in August of 2022. He is accused of shooting Leandro Lo to the head during a pagoda show in São Paulo.

Lawyer published a video of Anderson Silva seemingly supporting Velozo

The comments section of the publication has been overflowing with vocal opposition from the combat sports community. They have expressed their disgust at the former UFC champion’s statement in the video, where he is seen telling his lawyer to “continue to do justice” and acknowledging that “there are two sides” to the story.

Marcus Buchecha, one of Leandro Lo’s closest friends, also chimed in, stating that it was sad to see a fellow combat sports professional and father make such comments.

Anderson Silva denies reports he ever offered support for Velozo

However, it has come to light that the video was edited and taken out of context by PM Henrique Velozo’s lawyer.

In reality, the content of Anderson Silva’s video, which was published in 2021, was meant for Dr. Dalledone, but was regarding an entirely different matter.


In an exclusive audio recording obtained by Revista TATAME through journalist Mario Filho, from Canal do Marinho, the former UFC champion confirmed that he is indeed good friends with Dr. Claudio, but that he would never defend a “murderer.”

Anderson Silva made it clear that he had a great relationship with many people in the combat sports community and was often asked to make videos, but sometimes chose not to because of the possibility of them being edited for someone else’s benefit.

He emphasized that Leandro Lo was murdered by a coward and praised the late athlete’s legacy and impact on the sport.

Anderson Silva went on to state that he would not defend someone who murdered a fellow member of the community and even questioned Dr. Dalledone’s use of the video, which was taken out of context.

SIlva’s full statement

“I am good friends with Dr. Claudio (Dalledone), we trained together and I even used to call him ‘master Claudio Dalledone’. He became a great lawyer, I have a great affection for him, but I don’t know in what context he ended up using this video. On several occasions, he asked me for something (video), but in this situation with Leandro (Lo) there’s nothing to talk about. I would never defend the guy who murdered Leandro Lo”, explained “Spider”, which followed:

“Leandro was cowardly murdered by a coward. I have a very good relationship with a lot of people, people keep asking me for a video and, sometimes, I end up not doing it, because the person takes the video and edits it, using it for their own benefit. From what I’ve seen, this video (posted by Dr. Dalledone) has been edited. I would never defend a guy who killed someone in the (fighting) community”, said Anderson.

“Spider”, who is precisely in São Paulo carrying out some activities with local police officers, praised the image and legacy that Leandro Lo left for the sport in general. The newest UFC Hall of Famer has again declared that he would not defend someone who murdered a member of the fighting community and even questioned Dr. Daledone.”

“Leandro Lo is a hero”

“Leandro Lo is a hero, his family lost a great hero. No way would he come to the defense of a murderer. Leandro Lo was unable to defend himself against this guy. So, I don’t support this guy (Henrique Velozo), nor do I know this PM. I am a friend of the police community, of good policemen. I’m here in São Paulo, I know a lot of good police officers, but there’s also a bad side. In no way will I defend a criminal who murdered a brother. If Dr. Claudio used the video like this, I see he is not my friend ”, he ended.

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