UFC San Antonio: Guillotine ends contest early in R2

Featherweights Daniel Pineda and Tucker Lutz squared off on the main card opener at UFC San Antonio on Saturday, and it was Pineda who emerged victorious with a second-round submission win.

Pineda, who was returning to the Octagon for the first time since his no-contest bout with Andre Fili in 2021, looked sharp and focused throughout. Despite a couple of cancellations leading up to the event, Pineda was able to keep his composure and secure a much-needed victory.

Pineda is one of the rare few UFC stars to have pulled off a one armed kimura.

First Round

The opening round saw Lutz put Pineda on the fence early, but he was unable to keep him there. Pineda fired some leg kicks, followed by a takedown attempt that saw the pair go from one side of the cage to the other. Lutz stayed standing, reversed, and separated. Pineda then countered with a punch that briefly sat Lutz down. The rest of the round played out on the feet, with Pineda looking sharper as the round progressed.

Second Round

Early in the second, Lutz once again put Pineda back on the fence, but it proved to be detrimental to his cause. Pineda defended with a guillotine, and eventually, the pair went to the ground. Pineda worked from inside Lutz’s guard before rolling into another guillotine attempt. This time it was tight, and Lutz was soon forced to tap out, giving Pineda the victory.

Daniel Pineda’s return to the Octagon was a success, as he secured an impressive victory over Tucker Lutz. With this win, Pineda has put the Featherweight division on notice and will be looking to climb the ranks in the coming months.

This was the second guillotine finish for Pineda. Pineda talk about the guillotine afterwards explaining:



This finish secured one of the $50,000 bonuses at UFC: San Antonio.