WATCH: Judo tournament features rarely seen submission finish

If you’re a judoka looking to improve your grappling skills, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of Ne-Waza techniques.

Ne-Waza is also known as ground techniques. They are an integral part of Katame-Waza, which encompasses various grappling techniques.

But Judo’s rules evolution over the years put an accent on a number of techniques focusing on the upper part of the body.

Judoka Gaëtane Deberdt pulled off an interesting submission during day 2 of the Tbilisi Grand Slam 2023.

She appeared to use a modified version of the kata ha jime – which she modified by using her foot.

Kata Ha Jime is a submission that is executed with the help of the lapel. The move is performed by the right hand of the judoka, which grabs the opponent’s lapel, creating the primary effect. The lapel is then pulled across the opponent’s neck, which results in a cutting effect that increases the power of the hold.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, the left forearm and the right foot are used for support. This support creates an immovable base that makes it nearly impossible for the opponent to move or escape the submission. This supporting technique also enhances the effect of the Kata Ha Jime.

Interestingly, Gabi Garcia used a Kata Ha Jime once before in competition and caught the BJJ commentary team off guard as well.

Deberdt is a 24 year old Judoka hailing out of France. She competes in the up to 57 kilograms division and has won a silver medal at the World Championships in Budapest in 2021. She also won a Silver medal at the Under 23 European Championships in 2020.