WATCH: UFC Commentary Team has no idea what a Buggy Choke is

UFC is a premier MMA organization but it’s not infallible. Jiu-jitsu has developed tremendously over the course of the last decade with everything from interesting submissions that haven’t been seen commonly to changes in the meta game.

While UFC commentary team tends to be comprised of notable MMA veterans and combat sports mega fans, like Joe Rogan, there seemed to be one technique in particular that they just don’t know about.

If you’re a Jiu Jitsu enthusiast, you must have heard of the latest sensation that has taken the grappling world by storm – the buggy choke. This technique has become incredibly popular, from Jiu Jitsu competitions to MMA fights. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the buggy choke.

What is the Buggy Choke?

The buggy choke is a chokehold that is a variation of a reverse triangle choke. It is applied from bottom side-control, and it catches many grapplers off guard, as it is an unexpected technique. The choke locks up your opponent’s neck on both sides, and if executed correctly, it can force your opponent to tap out or go to sleep.

Who Invented the Buggy Choke?

There are two different claims about who invented the buggy choke. The first claim comes from Ralph Gracie white belt Austin Hardt. He demonstrated the buggy choke after successfully tapping all of his teammates with it, and uploaded a tutorial video to Youtube in 2016. The BJJ community quickly loved it and the technique gained popularity.

The second claim comes from black belt Jacob Sebastian Magee, who stated that he invented the buggy choke 5 years before Austin’s video was uploaded to Youtube. However, there is no concrete evidence to confirm Magee’s claim. Regardless of who invented it, the buggy choke has become one of the most popular techniques in Jiu Jitsu.

How to Execute the Buggy Choke?

To execute the buggy choke, you need to follow some important details to make it effective. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • First, start from bottom side-control position.
  • Your opponent’s arm needs to be trapped between your legs. Use your leg to push their arm up and trap it.
  • Use your other leg to step over their head, placing your foot behind their ear.
  • Lock up your triangle with your arm in, and your legs around your opponent’s neck.
  • Make sure your opponent’s head is off the ground. This will make it easier for you to block off blood to one side of their neck.
  • Squeeze your legs together tightly to cut off the blood supply to your opponent’s neck.

Here’s what the UFC commentary team had to say about the Buggy choke:

During an extended sequence Michael Bisping and Paul Felder seemed confused with one saying: “Man I don’t know (what that is)” and the other affirming “Yeah, I don’t know what that is.”

Both seemed equally relived once the position changed to mount.

They’re not the first either, a while back an MMA ref at a smaller promotion even stood up the combatants during a buggy attempt.

For those curious, Trevin Giles scored a split decision win over Preston Parsons at UFC on ESPN 43 at AT&T Center in San Antonio.