WATCH: Mississippi men use shovels to resolve dispute over stolen ATV

In a chaotic scene near Jackson, Mississippi, a man demanding the return of his allegedly stolen all-terrain vehicle (ATV) ended up on the other end of a wooden block and shovel.

A video shared by Justin Lee Hendrick captured the intense scene, which began with one man arriving at a property in his truck and shouting, ‘It’s mine motherf****r,’ presumably referring to the nearby ATV.

The confrontation takes a turn when another man, wearing a yellow shirt, approaches him and goes at him with a plank of wood.

During the scene, a third individual, dressed in camouflage-print pants and a hat, brandishes a a shovel instead.

As the men exchange heated words, women in the background plead for the incident to cease. The initial aggressor makes explicit remarks, further escalating tensions.

The man in the yellow shirt continues to make his point, while the one with the shovel threatens to strike again. Warnings are exchanged, and it quickly escalates

The man attempts to flee in his vehicle but collides with a homeowner’s car. Seizing the opportunity, the shovel-wielding man tries to put an end to the unlikely escape.

The ordeal concludes with the injured man speeding away, colliding with various objects in his path. A woman on the porch is heard calling 911.

Hendrick, who shared the video on social media, claims the man believed his stolen ATV was on the property. However, instead of recovering his ATV, he was left with injuries. According to Hendrick, the two men had allegedly purchased the ATV from a questionable source.

Despite varying opinions on who was at fault in this incident, it has ignited discussions about the appropriate response in such situations.