Nicholas Meregali pokes fun at Melqui Galvao & Mica over PED use and exploiting indigenous roots

Nicholas Meregali moved from Brazil to the US to train under John Danaher but he’s still very much involved in the Brazilian BJJ Gi scene.

Recently he weighed in on the controversial way Kaynan Duarte shredded the knee of Mica Galvao, and subsequently got disqualified from BJJ Stars 10.

Mica Galvao was criticized going into the event because of a lack of backlash following USADA suspension but that issue likely doesn’t register compared to the surgery and recovery period he’s looking at subsequently.

Meregali shared:

“Kaynan entered a sankaku (movement legal) which during the transition from sweep to submission earned him a disqualification. People are calling him a cheater and that he went broke and that Mica lost because of it. If Kaynan wanted to break Mica’s knee in the position he would have broken it, that’s the truth, he wasn’t mean.”

“And judging the move was absurd cheating against Mica just shows you’re a r*tard. Mica used clomiphene to cheat and mask the use of ster0ids, and this was not seen as cheating people are experiencing Jiu jitsu as if it were a Globo soap opera, the lack of brain cells”

He later added:
“@melquigalvaojj the funniest thing is to see you talk about respecting the public and having built Mica’s career since forever based on ster0ids imagine you being a child who uses ster0ids hormones to win against another child?? Or better than that, who uses hormones as a child to be able to grapple adults Hahahahhaah this seems a little disrespectful and characterless with the public, right!? From blue belt to black belt, Mário and I have a huge amount of respect for each other and we never say a word wrong about each other, that’s the respect we need and he understood my need to leave.”

“And about denying to leave. And about denying my origins, I don’t do that, I’m just living abroad and developing other skills that are necessary for my career. And just to remember, using indigenous peoples to build the brand and openly vote for Bolsonaro?? That doesn’t have much connection no hahahaahah maybe you just like hype rather than values”

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