The man Nate Diaz submitted on the streets of NO is a BJJ Blue belt that has competed

In a recent incident in New Orleans, Nate Diaz got into it with Rodney Peterson, who is known for his striking resemblance to YouTuber-turned-boxer, Logan Paul.

Diaz, a former UFC star, had been attending the Misfits Boxing 6 event where he was kicked out for throwing a water bottle at TV star Chase DeMoor. Peterson, who crossed paths with an angered Diaz on the streets, was on the receiving end of a knee to the face before being submitted by Diaz

Despite the encounter, Peterson’s likeness to Paul has gained him a fair amount of attention.

Who is Rodney Peterson?

Rodney Peterson is a TikToker who rose to fame for his uncanny resemblance to Logan Paul. Prior to 2020, he had never been active on social media but was introduced to TikTok by his wife.

Initially, Peterson used the platform to share videos of his hobbies, such as music and jiu-jitsu, as well as footage of his children.

Peterson is a 10th planet blue belt under 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Omaha and he’s even competed.

In early 2021, people began to notice the striking similarities between Peterson and Logan Paul. Despite initially being unaware of who Paul was, Peterson soon discovered the YouTuber’s controversial past and decided to embrace his resemblance as a new avenue for content creation.

Peterson’s Decision to Capitalize on His Lookalike Persona

Peterson received negative comments on his posts due to his likeness to Paul but decided to continue with his new identity, especially since his son looked up to Paul as a role model. He started posting videos about Paul, including recreating some of the YouTuber’s older content and doing impressions of him.

The response was overwhelming, with Peterson’s TikTok account exploding from 7,000 to over 130,000 followers in a year. He rebranded his account as a Paul lookalike page by changing his profile description to “not Logan Paul.”

The Pros and Cons of Being a Logan Paul Doppelganger

While Peterson’s likeness to Logan Paul has brought him newfound fame, it has also come with certain downsides. He has received criticism and backlash from Paul’s detractors, but he takes it in stride, citing his son’s admiration for Paul as a source of motivation.

Peterson also acknowledges the positive changes in Paul’s content over time and sees his likeness to the YouTuber as an opportunity to create entertaining content for his growing audience.