Kron Gracie considered BJJ return but focused on UFC for now

Kron Gracie is the son of Rickson Gracie, a legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and member of the Gracie family.

Kron has competed in various high-level grappling competitions and also competed in MMA organizations such as Rizin and the UFC. He has a notable record in both grappling and MMA, with several wins by submission. Kron Gracie is known for his technical and offensive grappling style, which he uses to great effect in both BJJ and MMA.

As such, his presence is sorely missed. Gracie is readying for a return to the UFC after a pandemic induced break. He recently appeared on Trocao Franca and shared some interesting insights.

“Actually, I was about to fight long before the pandemic, but then everything was closed here in the United States. I had to move my life to Montana and it took a while for me to get back to my normal rhythm. So now I’m back.” – Gracie explained his extended break.

Living in Montana was an adjustment compared to California where “Rio Kid’ was born and raised:

“I trained with the people who were with me there and brought the people I needed to bring to help me with the sparring.”

As for Jourdain, Gracie explained: “He was the best fighter the UFC was offering me. I didn’t want to wait too long, so I wanted to get a fight soon and start this fight life again.”

Gracie sounds like he’s still getting over the loss against Cub Swanson. Gracie kept on pushing forward however MMA vet Swanson, outpointed him and was awarded the decision victory in the end of the 3 round contest:

“Unfortunately, it’s three rounds and time will run out. You have to make some adjustments.”

A slot on a PPV card is a testament to the fact that Gracie is a draw but despite that he seemed combative during his media day interview and this podcast appearance.

Ultimately, the host went on to ask Gracie if he was aware of the increased level of attention pointed at BJJ, and especially Nogi competition scene. Gracie replied:

“I’ve thought about it, but now I’m focused on the UFC.”