WATCH: BJJ saves the day after impromptu pencil attack

With every passing day, the BJJ competition scene moves further away from the fundamentals that made jiu-jitsu famous.

Recently, a UFC veteran slammed Kron Gracie for his use of guard pulling in contemporary MMA, calling it unbecoming.

“When you see butt-scooting in the UFC, it’s not a good look,” said Alan Jouban. “It doesn’t look like he’s evolved. You’ve got to at least be able to roll and grab a single leg. You’ve got to be able to do something or throw some better hands.”

But, regardless of the fact that it may need to evolve further to stay relevant in MMA, it is quite relevant in real-life scenarios.

Recently, a classroom video went viral featuring two teens clad in red and black t-shirts. The teen in red appears agitated and at first seems like the instigator in this incident. But upon careful observation, it’s actually the person in the black t-shirt that is holding a white pencil In his right hand. Hard to see initially, but if you pay attention to the black shirt’s hands, you’ll see it. In the first several frames of the video, he pokes the guy in red hard with it.

He appears to be grabbing the other teen’s throat and even shoves and punches him. The guy in black quickly regains composure, starts measuring the distance, and makes sure to assert himself.

Even at this point, the man in red is still agitating. He follows up the initial scene with punches to the back of the head and another shove.

He then grabs the RNC position on the other guy and doesn’t release until the other guy is out.

Onlookers pointed out that the RNC he’s grabbing isn’t really the type that’s taught in BJJ anymore – with the palm flat on the top of the guy’s head. This has been changed, and most BJJ schools learn a different finishing technique nowadays.

According to reports, the incident was instigated by trash talk followed up by some pencil poking, if it can be called that.

This is a great example of how BJJ has permeated pop culture thanks to the popularity of MMA. Perhaps it’s time for the defense to these moves to become well-known as well.