WATCH: Triangle attempt ends a scrap on a Singapore train

Singapore is a haven for tourists and locals alike, and for good reason. This city-state is known for its lush gardens, diverse culture, and efficient public transport system. What’s more, it is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world by various global safety and security indices.

Low Crime Rate

Singapore has a reputation for being a safe country, with low levels of crime and property crime. Thanks to its strict laws and policies, citizens and visitors alike can feel secure in their daily lives. Laws against vandalism and littering, for instance, ensure that the country is kept clean and orderly.

Robust Safety Measures

The Singapore government has implemented a range of measures to maintain safety and security in the country. One such measure is a strong police presence. Frequent patrols and surveillance cameras are found in public areas, deterring criminal activity and helping to maintain order. Additionally, strict laws and penalties exist to deter potential wrongdoers from engaging in illegal activities.

Unpredictable Human Nature

However, despite these measures, human nature can be unpredictable, and incidents do happen. Recently, a clip of an incident on a Singapore train went viral. It is unclear how the altercation started, but it seems that multiple individuals were attempting to control a man caught in a triangle on a train that had stopped at a platform. The man was also taking ground and pound and was clearly unwilling to tap out and give up on his intentions.

De-escalation of Conflict

Two onlookers tried to intervene and put a stop to the conflict. After several upkick attempts, the two parties scrambled and reset. At this point, the situation came to a halt, and the two parties let go. Although one of them lost a tooth during the altercation, it was good to see that the conflict was able to deescalate and did not result in any serious consequences.