WATCH: When restaurant owner tackled and restrained would be thief

In a courageous act of bravery, a Hollywood restaurant owner became a hero when he intervened and apprehended a would-be robber who had attacked an elderly customer.

The incident, captured on surveillance footage, showcases the owner’s remarkable actions and has garnered widespread praise from the online community.

The surveillance footage reveals the perpetrator striking an elderly diner outside Rafallo’s Pizza a while back. This brazen criminal, appearing to be in his twenties, proceeded to rummage through the victim’s pockets before making a swift escape toward the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea Avenue.

Without hesitation, Tim Ratcliff, the owner of the neighboring restaurant Hollywood Shin, pursued the assailant. Despite enduring a few punches himself, Ratcliff skillfully immobilized the robber, employing his knowledge of judo techniques to keep the perpetrator subdued on the ground for an astounding ten minutes until law enforcement arrived.

During the altercation, both the victim and Ratcliff’s belongings were scattered onto the street. However, their misfortune did not go unnoticed. Two compassionate women came forward, swiftly collecting their belongings and offering their assistance. Remarkably, one of the women even played a crucial role in detaining the assailant by delivering a powerful kick and immobilizing him by standing on his ankles.


News of Ratcliff’s heroic act spread rapidly across various online platforms, prompting an outpouring of admiration and support. Commenters onĀ  hailed Ratcliff’s actions as a shining example of “sweet justice served.” One user expressed gratitude, stating, “It’s heartening to witness individuals who care enough to take a stand.”

The surveillance video gained significant attention on the Street People of Los Angeles Instagram page, where users lauded Ratcliff’s bravery and commended the coordinated efforts of the women involved.

Ratcliff, undeterred by the risks involved, expressed his unwavering commitment to protecting others if faced with a similar situation in the future. When asked about his heroic intervention, he confidently stated, “I would do it again. I’m tired of witnessing preventable incidents, and the truth is, we outnumber those who cause harm. By uniting, we can make a difference.”