WATCH: Ref thinks taps are punches at first during exciting ACA 157 bout

The ACA 157 card, held in Kazan, Russia, was a night filled with action and cool finishes. Among the standout moments of the event was Denis Smoldarev’s (18-10) remarkable victory, as he delivered a powerful knockout in the first round.

Sergey Kalinin (8-2) Submits Vladislav Yankovskiy with a Triangle
Sergey Kalinin exhibited his submission skills by trapping Vladislav Yankovskiy in a tight triangle, ultimately forcing the tap in the first round.

The referee initially mistook the taps for punches, highlighting the intensity of the action at ACA 157.

Mukhitdin Kholov (9-4) Secures a Guillotine Victory

Mukhitdin Kholov showcased his grappling prowess by executing a nasty guillotine on Igor Zhirkov, resulting in a first-round submission. The intense display of skill at ACA 157 left no doubt about the caliber of stars present at the event.

Elsewhere on the card:

Osimkhon Rakhmonov (9-4) Unleashes a Devastating Left Hook

Osimkhon Rakhmonov stunned the crowd with his quick feint and a powerful overhand left hook that found its mark on Jose Alexandre’s jaw. The precision and technique displayed by Rakhmonov were truly beautiful to behold.

Marcos “Marajó” Rodrigues (21-6) Showcases a Flying Knee Finish

Marcos “Marajó” Rodrigues delivered a spectacular finish against Zhunus Nizambe, utilizing a flying knee, followed by a series of punches. In the process, Nizambe suffered a dislocated elbow, adding further drama to the already intense encounter.

Denis Smoldarev’s Phenomenal Knockout

Denis Smoldarev’s performance at the ACA 157 gala deserves special mention. In a heavyweight showdown, the Estonian displayed remarkable skills by delivering a devastating knockout blow to Matunga Djikasa (7-5) within the first round. Smoldarev’s victory marked his triumphant return to form after a series of recent losses.

The knockout itself was nothing short of extraordinary. Smoldarev landed a powerful strike, leaving Djikasa visibly out on his feet.

It is worth noting that Smoldarev has previously faced notable Polish representatives such as Marcin Tybura, Michal Andryszak, and Daniel Omielanczuk, but unfortunately, he suffered defeats in each encounter.