WATCH: MMA contest ends in rare rolling omoplata finish

Louis Glismann pulled off an extraordinary rolling omoplata submission during the recent OKTAGON 43 event, leaving spectators amazed. This rare and intricate technique swiftly forced his opponent to tap out, securing Glismann a memorable victory.

OKTAGON 43, hosted by OKTAGON MMA, a prominent Czech Republic-based mixed martial arts promotion, showcased great matchups on May 20 in Prague.

While the event’s main attraction was the middleweight title bout between Patrik Kincl and Karlos Vemola, it was the welterweight clash between Louis Glismann and Melvin van Suijdam that stole the show with its incredible finish.

Initially, Glismann and van Suijdam cautiously assessed each other, seeking an opportunity to gain the upper hand. As the round progressed, the intensity escalated, and Glismann launched several takedown attempts. Eventually, he succeeded in taking van Suijdam down, asserting his dominance on the ground.

With time running out, van Suijdam found himself in a vulnerable position, curled up on the canvas while Glismann delivered a few strikes to his head. Then, in a truly breathtaking moment, Glismann executed an extraordinary move with only 10 seconds remaining.

Glismann flawlessly executed a rolling omoplata, a highly uncommon submission in the realm of mixed martial arts. Unlike the conventional omoplata, where the opponent’s arm is caught from the front, Glismann skillfully secured van Suijdam’s arm from the back. Swiftly rolling with precision, he successfully submitted the Netherlands athlete, leaving the audience in awe.

This victory propelled Louis Glismann’s professional record to an impressive 11-3, marking his fourth consecutive win. Hailing from Denmark, Glismann continues to make waves in the MMA world. On the other hand, Melvin van Suijdam had to halt his three-win streak, bringing his overall record to 14 wins and 6 losses.

The omoplata submission is a rarity in mixed martial arts due to its complexity. Many athletes often favor the triangle when presented with a similar position. Notably, Michal Kita also successfully executed this move at Bellator 31, showcasing its effectiveness in the right hands.

Mackenzie Dern tries to sink in an RNC from the omoplata/crucifix position famously refered to as the chokoplata.

The incredible omoplata by Louis Glismann at OKTAGON 43 garnered widespread acclaim, with MMA fans and enthusiasts marveling at the skill and beauty of the technique. Social media exploded with reactions, highlighting the awe-inspiring moment during the event.