UFC champion Alexa Grasso promoted to BJJ Brown Belt

Alexa Grasso defeated Valentina Shevchenko at UFC 285 to become the new flyweight champion, causing a massive upset.

Grasso’s victory marked her second submission win and the first time Shevchenko tapped.

Grasso capitalized on a missed spinning back kick from Shevchenko to execute a flawless technique and secure the submission.

Despite causing problems with her level changes and takedowns, Shevchenko’s slower performance and preference for grappling proved costly.

Grasso made history as the first Mexican woman to win UFC gold, expressing her happiness and gratitude for her achievement.

In a potential rematch, Grasso will enter as the champion, with Shevchenko getting another chance at the title at the age of 35.

Shevchenko’s face was  borderline purple at the time she tapped.

Now Grasso reaped another reward – she was promoted to BJJ brown belt by coach Diego Lopes and Alessandro Costa.

Diego Lopes made his UFC debut recently on short notice and put on an impressive performance despite losing.

Lopes has another prominent student in Irene Aldana who will be challenging Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight title in the near future.

Grasso shared about her promotion on instagram saying: “You can’t cheat the grind. It knows how much you have invested, it won’t give you anything you haven’t worked for.”

Grasso previously shared her take on the Shevchenko submission adding:

“my coach always tells me to count. I’m supposed to count and squeeze. One, squeeze, two, squeeze, three, squeeze, four, squeeze. I got all the way 12 against Valentina. Then she tapped.”

Grasso was a blue belt in 2022.

She was promoted to purple belt around June of last year.

Unlike many MMA stars, she appeared to have trained in the gi as well.