WATCH: When Hollywood’s Ashton Kutcher tested himself against a Professional grappler

Ashton Kutcher, widely known for his acting career, made headlines in the BJJ community a little while ago when he achieved the rank of brown belt.

His longtime instructor, Rigan Machado, bestowed this honor upon him, marking a significant milestone in Kutcher’s martial arts journey. Over the past five years, Kutcher has dedicated himself to training in BJJ, showcasing his commitment to the art.

Kutcher’s journey in BJJ began around 2013, and within a short span, he displayed impressive progress. He attained his blue belt in early 2014 and swiftly advanced to the rank of purple belt later that same year. His rapid development can be attributed, in part, to his solid wrestling background, having grown up in Iowa.

However, Kutcher’s promotion to brown belt did not come without scrutiny.

ADCC bronze medalist Jeff Glover raised questions about Kutcher’s skill level in BJJ, particularly because Machado has a system in place for celebrities that involves no sparring, known as ‘Flow Jiu-Jitsu.’

Glover expressed his doubts on social media, questioning if Kutcher had ever competed in tournaments and implying that his brown belt was undeserved.

Glover’s remarks sparked a discussion among BJJ enthusiasts, with differing opinions on Kutcher’s abilities. However, many defended Kutcher’s progress, acknowledging that Machado would not award a brown belt without merit.

Rigan Machado himself, when asked about Kutcher’s hypothetical grappling match against UFC star and BJJ brown belt Conor McGregor, expressed utmost confidence in Kutcher’s abilities, favoring him in the matchup and stating that Kutcher has the potential to perform exceptionally well.

“I put all my money (on) Ashton Kutcher,” Machado told TMZ. “I think he could do really, really good. He’s 200 pounds, 6-2, 6-3, he’s the best.”

Interestingly, Conor McGregor has been a brown belt for ages. He even competed in the IBJJF Nogi competition as a purple back before he became a megastar.

While footage of Kutcher rolling in a BJJ session is scarce, a video surfaced featuring him training with ADCC medalist Craig Jones. This rare glimpse allowed fans to witness Kutcher’s technique and dedication on the mats.

Ashton Kutcher’s foray into BJJ has not only garnered attention due to his celebrity status but also because of his genuine commitment to the martial art. His journey serves as a valuable promotion tool for the virtue of martial arts and the role they have in the contemporary society.