WATCH: Hyped UFC Dagestani prospect kicks opponent after Brazilian tap DQ

Shara ‘Bullet’ Magomedov, a promising MMA prospect, has made waves in the UFC with his recent signing, securing a debut purse exceeding $50,000. However, Magomedov’s journey has been marked by controversy, including a notorious incident in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, where he displayed a volatile temper.

Having an impeccable record of eight consecutive victories in professional MMA, all achieved by knockout or technical knockout, Magomedov has showcased his undeniable talent inside the cage.

Yet, it was his actions outside the octagon that attracted widespread attention. In a eyebrow raising incident captured on video, he sucker punched a man in a mall, resulting from what seemed to be a harmless public display of affection.

The video footage shows Magomedov sucker punching the man and subsequently stomping on his head. The incident sparked outrage and led to his arrest by the Dagestan district police. However, he was later released, and both parties reached an agreement. Despite this resolution, charges of “hooliganism and disturbing public order” still loom over them.

Magomedov attributes the incident to cultural differences regarding public displays of affection prevalent in Makhachkala, shedding light on the complexities surrounding the matter. It is an incident that showcases the contrasting norms and expectations present in various regions.

While awaiting his highly anticipated UFC debut, Magomedov participated in a grappling competition in Thailand.

However, he faced an unexpected setback as he fell victim to a heel hook and ultimately tapped out to his Brazilian opponent. In a moment of frustration, Magomedov retaliated by kicking his opponent after the match ended. The victory, though, was awarded to the Polish competitor.

Despite his undeniable talent and the excitement surrounding his upcoming UFC debut, Magomedov faces an additional hurdle. His partial blindness in one eye could present challenges when it comes to gaining sanctioning to compete in the United States. This obstacle adds an element of uncertainty to his future in the UFC.

Looking ahead, Magomedov aims to make his debut against Marvin Vettori, with discussions surrounding the possibility of facing Khamzat Chimaev, whom he encountered during his time in Thailand. While Derek Brunson currently leads the race as his potential debut opponent at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi, plans may change as negotiations progress.