WATCH: Karine Silva accidentally destroys Ketlen Souza’s knee at UFC Vegas 74

In a flyweight matchup at UFC Vegas 74, Brazilian stars Karine Silva and Ketlen Souza entered the octagon with hopes of making a statement. However, the bout turned out to be a brief and painful encounter for Souza, as Silva showcased her dominance in impressive fashion.

Silva, coming off a successful promotional debut, displayed her versatility from the start. She unleashed a barrage of kicks, keeping Souza on the defensive. Sensing an opportunity, Silva swiftly executed a takedown, effortlessly bringing the action to the ground. Maintaining control, she landed effective strikes from the top position before transitioning to a leg lock submission attempt.

As the tension mounted, viewers witnessed a devastating turn of events. The pressure applied by Silva caused an audible pop in Souza’s knee, resulting in a painful injury. The referee promptly intervened, recognizing the severity of the situation and calling an end to the bout.

UFC announcer called a kneebar finish, however this wasn’t quite that.

Following the action, Silva spoke through a translator to UFC analyst and former champion Michael Bisping, explaining the moment of victory. “I felt a pop, it was something weird, and I just let go,” Silva shared, reflecting on the unfortunate injury suffered by her opponent.

With this impressive victory, Silva notched her 16th professional win and extended her winning streak to an impressive seven consecutive victories. Her well-rounded skills and ability to capitalize on opportunities continue to elevate her status in the competitive flyweight division.

As for Souza, the defeat serves as a setback in her quest to make a memorable entrance to the UFC. However, setbacks are an inherent part of the MMA game, and it is through resilience and determination that competitors often bounce back stronger.