WATCH: Bouncer swathes off pushy customer with some beginner level BJJ

A troublemaker who had been drinking received a harsh lesson in manners when a bouncer took swift action outside a club in Durham, England. The incident unfolded when the unruly individual, believed to be associated with the far-right EDL, attempted to gain entry to the ‘Studio’ club on a designated ‘students only’ night.

Rather than accepting rejection, the belligerent bully proceeded to harass and intimidate others outside the club. He directed threats towards the doormen and a woman handling the entry fees, even reportedly attempting to head-butt an unidentified individual. Despite repeated warnings from the bouncers to leave, the troublemaker persistently returned to the scene.

Even the bully’s own friend failed to dissuade him from causing further trouble. The video recording captures the escalating aggression as the thug turns hostile towards his companion. This is where the legendary doorman, John, steps in, adhering to the timeless wisdom famously expressed in the award-winning documentary Road House: “Be nice until it’s time to not be nice.”

The moment arrived for decisive action. John, a well-known figure in the area, swiftly immobilized the troublemaker by positioning his arm under the thug’s chin, resembling a standing RNC, and unceremoniously discarded him onto the pavement like a bag of old onions.

The bouncer made it abundantly clear that such unruly behavior would not be tolerated any longer.

“Are you going to f*** off?” the doorman demanded, while the hoodlum flailed his arms helplessly. “Are you going to f*** off, or I’ll pull your f***ing head off?”

Despite his obvious fury, the bouncer exhibited remarkable restraint by refraining from physically striking the man. Within seconds, he allowed the troublemaker to regain his footing but sternly commanded him to “get up and f*** off.”

For a brief moment, it seemed as if the troublemaker might initiate another confrontation. In response, the bouncer asked, “Are you going down again?”

Despite the thug’s bluster, he evidently had no desire to experience a repeat of his impromptu meeting with the concrete. With the assistance of his friend, he was guided away from the scene, stumbling into the night with only his wounded pride.

Some onlookers, including licensed doormen in the UK, argue that John may have crossed a line and could potentially face repercussions, such as losing his license. However, it is crucial to recognize that no one was physically harmed, the immediate threat posed by the bully was neutralized, and he ultimately departed without further incident, which represents the ideal outcome.