WATCH: Aggressive Marine put to sleep at local place after racist incident targeting staff

A recent incident caught on video depicts an agitated marine being rendered unconscious at a nearby diner.

The individual attempted to engage in a physical confrontation, potentially resorting to eye gouging as a desperate measure to defend the RNC. However, the outcome serves as a stark reminder of the futility of such behavior. Why can’t people simply relax and enjoy their evening without resorting to odd behavior? It truly shouldn’t be that challenging.

One glaring factor in this scenario is the man’s lack of knowledge in executing a blood choke. The technique requires turning the hand behind the opponent’s head, with the palm facing the individual applying the hold. Additionally, the positioning of the head was questionable, failing to secure a favorable placement between his own head, the opponent, and the ground. There was too much space, providing an opportunity for the countermove. Surprisingly, the marine failed to anticipate these critical factors, suggesting a potential oversight in his training and combat conditioning.

The mindset of marines is often subject to scrutiny, given their military background. They are indoctrinated with the belief that they are the elite, the toughest of the tough, trained as efficient machines. While they may possess exceptional skills with rifles, their proficiency in hand-to-hand combat may not receive the same level of emphasis.

Unfortunately, incidents like these are some of the unpleasant aspects of residing in a military town. During leave periods, it is not uncommon to encounter individuals in the crowd who seek to instigate fights and disrupt the peace.

It is important to emphasize that resorting to violence should never be the solution. Engaging in physical altercations not only poses risks to personal safety but also disrupts the harmony of the community. Instead, it is crucial to promote a culture of understanding, respect, and peaceful coexistence.