WATCH: Her Loudmouth got him slept

Real-life conflicts have an inherent fascination, captivating even those who aren’t avid followers of jiu-jitsu. The raw and unpredictable nature of spontaneous situations unfolding before our eyes is undeniably gripping.

While fringe MMA promotions like King of the Streets and Street Beefs attempt to capture this essence, there is something uniquely authentic about conflicts that escalate organically.

In a recent viral video, we witness a scenario that perfectly encapsulates this conundrum. The footage showcases a female individual berating a male wearing a backpack, only for another male to intervene and engage in a series of punches.

Remarkably, the gentleman who was initially targeted quickly recovers from the surprise attack and charges back at his assailant, ultimately bringing him to the ground. It becomes evident that he possesses some familiarity with martial arts, employing a leg entanglement technique to gain an advantage.

However, executing leg entanglements in unregulated scenarios can be challenging, especially when both participants are wearing shoes that increase the vulnerability of their knees. Despite the opportunistic nature of his strategy, the leg entanglement proves unsuccessful, leading the two combatants to reset to a standing position.

Seizing the opportunity, the individual who was initially attacked capitalizes on the situation and gains back control over his opponent. Although he doesn’t secure traditional hooks, he successfully subdues his adversary using a RNC submission.

Nevertheless, an element of danger emerges at this point. Holding onto the submission even after rendering his opponent unconscious poses potential risks. Depriving the brain of oxygen can lead to severe consequences, although it can be argued that it is a preferable outcome compared to sustaining a concussion.

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu it is widely known that executing a standing RNC requires controlling the hips. This is why BJJ experts like Demian Maia and Charles Oliveira often choose to mount the backs of their opponents. However, it’s important to acknowledge that not every opponent is a specialist, and alternative techniques may come into play depending on the circumstances.

The viral video serves as a stark reminder of the intensity and complexity inherent in real-life altercations. It highlights the intriguing blend of martial arts elements with the spontaneity of everyday conflicts. While the video captivates viewers, it also raises awareness about the potential risks involved in applying certain submission techniques outside regulated environments.