WATCH: When a 14 year old used Jiu-jitsu to protect himself against an angry adult

In a stunning turn of events, a 14-year-old boy expertly defended himself using jiu-jitsu techniques after being confronted by an older individual during a playground incident.

Connor Jackson, who has dedicated four years to martial arts training, found himself at a Walsall skate park alongside his younger brother when they encountered an enraged man believed to be in his mid-twenties.

Captivating video footage of the altercation captures the parent’s attempt to strike Connor in the face, only to be met with an instantaneous defensive response derived from Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Connor effectively blocked the attack, promptly retaliating before swiftly retreating to safety as the man resorted to hurling a scooter, resulting in a minor laceration on Connor’s head.

The sequence of events began with a disagreement between Connor’s 12-year-old brother and another child over a scooter. As tensions escalated, the other child’s father intervened, audibly encouraging his son to “knock him out” and employing offensive language in a clear display of aggression.

Despite playing no role in provoking the confrontation, Connor found himself unexpectedly targeted by the enraged father who aggressively confronted him. However, displaying remarkable poise, the young martial artist skillfully defended himself by applying the techniques he had diligently acquired over the years.

Connor’s father, Nathan Jackson, disclosed to MailOnline, “The lads would have gone at him if Connor didn’t defend himself.”

Nathan Jackson expressed his gratitude for his son’s ability to protect himself, stating, “I’ve always said to Connor, if ever you’re on the streets and something happens you’ll have to be careful in what you’re doing because you can hurt somebody – you need to keep control of things.”

The extraordinary demonstration of martial arts skill exhibited by the 14-year-old garnered widespread attention, with viewers of the video praising Connor’s courage and composed demeanor. Police officers present at the scene engaged with those involved, but Connor chose not to pursue charges.

Nathan, a proponent of mixed martial arts (MMA) and Brazilian jiu-jitsu training for his children, emphasized the benefits of such disciplines. He believes that they not only enable his children to defend themselves but also promote physical fitness and discourage involvement in troublesome situations. While acknowledging the potential danger Connor could have posed, Nathan commended his son’s restraint and adherence to the principles taught in martial arts.

This incident marked Connor’s first real-life application of his martial arts training, demonstrating the practicality and efficacy of jiu-jitsu in self-defense situations.