Logan Paul put off of BJJ after a torturous roll with Volkanovski: “I’m not doing BJJ again”

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski recently visited Logan Paul in Puerto Rico, where the Paul brothers have established their base.

During his visit, Volkanovski, along with UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, joined Paul as part of the new sponsorship with his company. They also took part in a training session, the details of which were revealed by Paul on his recent podcast.

Adesanya initially posted a video from the visit, showcasing a grappling session between him and Logan Paul.

The WWE star also grappled with Volkanovski and accomplished jiu-jitsu ace Craig Jones. During one brief sequence from the video, Paul found himself in the bottom position while Volkanovski worked his way to get a submission. Logan Paul humorously remarked that he now comprehends why Volkanovski is the UFC featherweight champion.


Speaking about his experience grappling with Volkanovski, Logan Paul stated on the IMPAULSIVE podcast:

“Man you [Alexander Volkanovski] are so strong and dominant, and you put me in a body lock and I felt like you could have tightened your leg so much… Literally [could have] split me in half. I’m not doing BJJ again.”

Paul added:

“We were drilling this body triangle… And he goes, ‘Oh, my legs are short and I don’t really do the body triangle often’… And when we actually go to do it he literally almost kills me.”

Logan Paul is thrilled that Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya are the first athletes signed by his company:


” But, we have always been looking to get into the athlete space and have been very very particular with who we wanted to stamp. Floated a lot of names by. So when we found out that you guys were equally as interested in us as we were in you, it was a 100% green light for me.”

While Jake Paul is gearing toward making his MMA debut sometime next year, Logan is unlikely to follow. His next major appearance will be at WWE’s Money in the bank event.