WATCH: Untrained man bets skilled grappler that she can’t take him down or tap him within a minute

A recent video has been making waves online, showcasing an untrained man’s bold challenge to an MMA practitioner. Despite being over 100 pounds lighter than him, and a female, the MMA star confidently bets the man that she can take him down or submit him in less than a minute.

It’s interesting to observe how untrained individuals often underestimate the skill and technique required in grappling. In many instances, they tend to turn away, exposing their back to the opponent, which is a common mistake.

When faced with a skilled opponent, an untrained person’s instinct is to roll to their hands and knees and attempt to stand up. Unfortunately, this reaction often leads to exposing their back, making them vulnerable to submissions.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that untrained individuals tend to rely on a haymaker punch with their right hand, which is highly telegraphed and inefficient. On the other hand, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners sometimes overestimate the grappling ability of the average person.

While there are situations where turning away can lead to a submission or technical knockout (TKO), it’s not the case most of the time. In fact, turning away can be a strategic move if the bottom player is fresh and skilled at it, while the top player struggles to prevent the escape. Especially when strikes to the back of the head are prohibited in MMA, turning away becomes a safer option.

The one-minute stipulation in this particular challenge demonstrates a unique insight into man’s belief that his weight advantage and fitness level alone could withstand the girl’s attempts. Interestingly, it was the girl who proposed the one-minute bet after the man expressed skepticism about her ability to submit him.

In the world of combat sports, it’s fascinating to witness these unexpected matchups and the lessons they bring. While the outcome of this challenge remains unknown, it serves as a reminder that size and strength do not always guarantee victory in the realm of mixed martial arts.