WATCH: Anderson Silva’s son parodies Chael Sonnen in playful roll in the family room

Anderson Silva is a legendary mixed martial artist. He recently delighted fans with a heartwarming video of him playfully rolling with his son in their living room.

The footage showcases Silva’s love for martial arts and his joyful spirit, providing a refreshing glimpse into his personal life.

Known for his impressive skills inside the octagon, Silva also has a BJJ black belt. Throughout his career, he has pulled off 3 submissions against Travis Lutter, Dan Henderson, and Chael Sonnen.

Reflecting on Silva’s jiu-jitsu abilities, Vinny Magalhaes once remarked, “A lot of people hype Anderson’s Jiu-Jitsu game because he got his black belt from the Nogueira’s. But not every black belt is a high-level black belt. You just happened to have got a black belt under that guy.” While opinions may vary, Silva’s submissions speak volumes about his mastery of the craft.

In 2022, Silva’s planned to compete in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu event in Dubai ultimately did not come to fruition. This came after his loss to Jake Paul, a moment that added an unexpected twist to Silva’s career trajectory.

The recent video of Silva playfully rolling with his son resonates with fans, as it showcases the lighter side of the revered man. The duo’s shared enjoyment and camaraderie create an endearing atmosphere. Observing the techniques displayed, one cannot help but appreciate Silva’s fluid shoulder crank and the amusing leg squeeze.

While the video celebrates Silva’s personal life, it also references a significant moment in MMA history. It alludes to the memorable card against Chael Sonnen, where Silva’s triangle armbar secured him the victory in the final round.

Sonnen had effectively executed his game plan for the majority of the bout, taking Silva down and dominating from top position. However, Silva’s submission prowess ultimately turned the tables and secured him the win.

Reflecting on the incident, Sonnen humorously admitted his lack of knowledge about the rules during their initial encounter. He expressed, “Well, I gotta plead ignorance on that first fight. And you’re right – I thought if you tapped, it ended the round. I did not know that the contest as a whole would come to a conclusion. I do now know, so that is cleared up.”

This lighthearted remark garnered laughter not only from the press conference attendees but also from Dana White, further highlighting the entertaining and charismatic nature of Chael Sonnen.