WATCH: RNC leaves perp passed out on the pavement with the target safely escaping

A captivating video has recently resurfaced, showcasing the practical application of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in real-world situations. The brief clip demonstrates how a skilled BJJ practitioner can defuse a potentially dangerous scenario without sustaining any harm.

Despite an initial scuffle, the BJJ practitioner swiftly gains control, transitioning to the back position and expertly applying a RNC. With precision and composure, he maintains the hold until the perpetrator loses consciousness, ensuring a safe exit for himself.

For those suggesting that the hold was maintained for an excessive duration, it is essential to clarify that this was not the case. The practitioner released the submission immediately upon realizing the assailant had become incapacitated. In real life, releasing submissions too early often allows the individual who tapped out to recover quickly and resume the incident, negating the potential victory. In such non-sanctioned situations, respecting the tap may not be effective.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that it generally takes up to 5 minutes of properly applied pressure in a submission to cause long-term brain damage. Thus, employing this technique responsibly can be considered relatively safe.

This incident prompts a vital discussion in light of recent events, particularly the well-known subway case. As BJJ practitioners, it is crucial for us to educate ourselves on the appropriate boundaries when applying submissions. While BJJ equips us with the knowledge to defuse confrontations, it is equally important to exercise caution and focus on maintaining control rather than solely pursuing submissions.

While the accent in BJJ schools has moved towards sports environments, it’s important to have that self defense awareness in the back of the mind. As with any sport, jiu-jitsu has evolved but the bread and butter fundamentals are universally applicable across a variety of scenarios.

Jiu-jitsu schools around the globe need to start educating the students about the nuances of submissions and the boundaries within which they can be applied in real world.