BJJ Black belt and podcaster Lex Fridman blocked a fan on twitter for saying he’s out of practice

Renowned podcaster Lex Fridman recently found himself at odds with one of his fans, leading him to block the fan on social media after he openly criticized Fridman’s conditioning.

Fridman, a prominent figure in the world of artificial intelligence and a research scientist at MIT, has gained immense popularity through his podcast and his discussions on various topics, including technology and martial arts.

Fridman holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Rick and Phil Migliarese. He often engages in training and sparring sessions at different gyms. While he is widely regarded as a kind-hearted person, a recent incident involving a fan shed light on a negative experience.

The disgruntled fan took to Twitter to express his disappointment, revealing that Fridman had blocked him on social media platforms. The fan disclosed that Fridman had trained at the same gym on multiple occasions and they even had the opportunity to spar together.

The fan’s tweet read, “Was going to tweet about GSP training with Elon & Lex until I saw that he blocked me. I can only assume it’s for saying he was a good training partner even if he was out of practice when we rolled. That’s softer than baby’s sh*t if I’m being honest.”

Initially the fan evaluated Fridman’s BJJ saying:

“Lex came to my gym a couple times in Austin

While out of practice he clearly knew what he wanted to do and was a good training partner

The only thing that sucks is when I tell people this story they assume he f**ked me up because he’s famous :(”

While Fridman has garnered a large following, he has also faced criticism and disagreements from those who challenge his research and viewpoints. Rather than engaging in constructive debates or discussions, Fridman has developed a habit of blocking individuals who question or criticize him, a behavior that has become widely known.

The incident involving the blocked fan sheds light on the complexities of online interactions and the challenges faced by public figures like Fridman. While it is essential to encourage healthy discourse and engage with differing opinions, the decision to block individuals is ultimately a personal one. It highlights the importance of maintaining a respectful and open environment for dialogue, even when facing criticism.

This is especially hilarious in light of Fridman’s positioning as a person who has trained both tech oligarch at odds with one another – Zuckerberg and Musk.